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    Ontdekt de groene oase in de Randstad

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LV_4_Hofwijck_EGH_2017 (5)LV_4_Hofwijck_1653_prent Vitaulium HofwijckLV_4_Hofwijck_Pronkzaal_2008 (2)LV_4_Hofwijck_Vlietzijde_EGH_2017 (2)


The Hofwijck estate was founded by the famous Dutch poet, composer and politician Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687). Huygens was a great admirer of Vitruvius, and together with the architect Jacob van Campen, he designed his country house by the Vliet Canal to reflect the ideas of this Roman architect. The baselines of the design centred on the proportions of the human body, with the long, tree-lined avenues forming the legs, arms, and shoulders. The orchard was supposed to represent the chest, while the house represented the head, with windows mimicking ears, eyes, and nostrils. The name of the country estate, which was completed in 1642, reveals its original purpose, as ‘wijcken’ in Old Dutch means taking refuge and ‘hof’ means court, the place where Huygens worked.

After Huygens’ death in 1687, his son Christiaan took up residence in Hofwijck. In 1750, the estate changed hands. Following years of neglect and dilapidation, and having been threatened with demolition twice, it became the property of the Hofwijck Association in 1913. Today, it serves as the Huygens Museum Hofwijck.


The estate is home to the Huygens Museum Hofwijck.

Address: Westeinde 2A, 2275 AD Voorburg.

For opening hours and admission prices, please go to www.hofwijck.nl